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By combining artificial intelligence with our passion for cooking, we bring you personalized AI recipes, innovative cooking tips, and endless culinary inspiration.

Over 20,000 recipes created.


Your journey to discovering flavors

According to your possibilities

Just tell us what you have available, your options, desires, and we will create a recipe for you.

Creative combinations

Cross the threshold of the mundane and step into a world where every lunch can become a new adventure.

AI alchemy

We open the door to a world where tradition meets innovation, and together we will discover new horizons of flavors.

AI Recipes Generator

Your Preferences

You start by entering your preferences. You can specify ingredients, type of meal, time and difficulty of preparation, or cuisine type.

AI Magic

Using our advanced algorithm, we analyze your preferences and suggest recipes that exactly match your requirements.

Personalized Recipe

After analyzing the data, we create a recipe that matches your preferences and requirements. You can then further customize the recipe by adjusting ingredients or difficulty.

Recipe Modification

You can modify each recipe to meet your requirements, adding or removing ingredients, or experimenting with alternatives.

How it works

AI-Powered Dinner Ideas

AI Recipe Discovery | Your AI Kitchen Assistant | Quick & Inspired Meals

Simplify Meal Planning with AI

Explore recipe ideas effortlessly with our AI Recipe Generator. Say goodbye to the what's-for-dinner dilemma and hello to a variety of personalized, exciting meal ideas.

Reduce Waste with Custom Recipes

Input your leftover ingredients and let our AI craft multiple delicious recipes for you. Choose your favorite and make the most out of every ingredient in your kitchen.

Over 20,000 recipes created
Lokapetit introduces an innovative AI-powered recipe generator. Simply enter your preferences and our advanced algorithm will instantly create a completely unique recipe just for you.